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Eric Royes


Volunteer - Hospice South Florida; Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA);
Certified Lay Servant - Florida United Methodist Church; Treasurer (United Methodist Church) 5 years;
Retired Computer Engineer; Bachelor of Science, Professional Management, Nova University

And the Journey Continues:
June 2014 while serving as Merrell UMC Treasurer, I attended the Florida United Methodist Church Annual 3-days Conference in Lakeland, FL for the first time.
Included in the Conference curriculum, was an optional workshop session on the Alzheimer's Caregiver sponsored by a Church based Volunteer group out of Lake City, Florida.
My initial thought was to just sit in and hear what this is all about. Little did I know that this one-hour session would have impacted my outlook on the life, as it relates to the caregiver.

President’s Remarks

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to use this great opportunity to welcome everyone to this our Third Anniversary event of United Managed Care, Alzheimer’s Support Group.
I am so honored by your presence here in support of the Cause for Caregivers, and I speak on behalf of all the members of this group who have dedicated their time and effort to make this event possible.
We want to welcome you, our honored guests for coming to share this night with us and I hope you will enjoy the program we have in store for you. Our host, the Moose lodge and its dedicated staff welcomes you with their usual hospitality and the great meal prepared by their Chef and staff.
I want to say a special welcome to our keynote speaker who will introduced to you shortly
Welcome to our own Tamarac Mayor, Harry Dressler who will also give us his blessings, he was with us from our first Dinner Event two years ago. Welcome every one of you here, and if I may mention three really special guests who have traveled a great distance to be here, Mr. Keith Morris, a childhood friend, traveled from Jamaica to be here with me, Mr. Leonard Brown, and all the way from Phoenix ‘Arizona, over six hours to be with us is Mr. Glen Fullerton. Welcome.
I will only say that you as well as these 3 friends are here because you recognize how important is the role of Caregivers in this dreaded disease called Alzheimer’s.
My time allotted here is almost exhausted, so I invite you to read my message in the magazine, about our goals and objectives, and help us in whatever way you can to accomplish some if not all, in the fight to help caregivers.
Again, thank you for being here tonight, please sit back, relax and enjoy the evening.
Mr., Randy Bedard will now guide us through this wonderful program in store.

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Martha Royes

Vice President

Certified Nursing Assistant;
Caregiver (Consultant)
United Methodist Church (Praise and Worship Leader)
Former Business Manager and Banker

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Norma Williamson


Finance Secretary (United Methodist Church)
Banker by profession

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Sharon Dove

Vice President/Program Director

Program Director (UMCASG)
Administrative Assistant – Village United Methodist Church
Certified Lay Servant - Florida United Methodist Church;
Additional Licenses - Real Estate Sales Associate
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

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Valerie Hamilton


Worked for a Fortune 500 company.
Current activities include Volunteer Bookstore Management.

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Unice Traille

Director/Hospitality Director

Hospitality Director (UMCASG)
Usher - Village United Methodist Church
Treasurer - Fundraising Team at Village UMC
Retired Certified Diet Technician from Cedars Sinai Hospital

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Evette Royes

Director/Assistant Secretary (umcasg)

Assistant Secretary (UMCASG)
Twenty years of College Administration(Ret) - Volunteer.
Community Advisor.

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Lloyd Barrett

Director/Finance and Planning (umcasg)

Sales Professional over 20 years.

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Megan Royes

Director/ Marketing/Social Media (umcasg)

BS. Marketing(FSU)

Tamar Turpin

Associate Member

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DeAnne Lorraine

Director/PR. Coordinator/Social Media Editor